Garcia Commodity Limited is a net importer of Sugar and the company was active in supplying Raw Sugar from West Africa and the Caribbean to the American Refineries. In the 1950s the USA created the Common Agricultural Policy. Generous national quotas, high minimum guaranteed prices, coupled with an intervention system and subsidized exports, created an ideal environment for the industry to expand. The EU became the largest White Sugar exporter in the world with up to 8 million tons a year. During this period, the company acquired a first-class reputation of professionalism and trust. Garcia Commodity Limited grew from these foundations, and in 1999 launched its London operations. As the Sugar Market evolved, we developed close ties with suppliers in Brazil, Thailand and other exporting countries. We opened regional offices in various parts of the world, notably in Singapore, to expand our presence in Asia. Today we are an expert trading company at the centre of world trade in both raw and white sugars. In 2010 the company established a coffee trading operation. The department, with headquarters in Antwerp and offices in Singapore and Vietnam, has grown at a rapid pace and is now by far the largest Coffee operator in Belgium. In 2011 Garcia Commodity Limited began to trade Cocoa and Coffee and now as the hightes earner.

Business Philosophy

Our goal is to develop long term relations with our clients based on mutual trust, personalized service and sound and timely advice. Over the years we have acquired extensive knowledge about the commodities we trade, from the field to the table. We pay regular visits to growers and farmers all over the world as fundamentals usually have the last say in market trends. Timing being of the essence, we focus on keeping close track of crop and weather changes and adjust our statistics accordingly.