GARCIA COMMODITY Limited handles around half a million tons of physical nuts per year, shipped mainly from Brazil, Thailand and the EU. Our customers rely on us to provide them with creative solutions for their sourcing. In the World market, we provide alternative supply solutions for our industrial clients.


In 2011 the group started trading Cocoa, leveraging on its expertise in the Coffee business in Europe.
The Group originates Cocoa mostly from the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Brazil, Papua New Guinea and Togo


GARCIA COMMODITY Limited ships around 120,000 MT of both Robusta and Arabica coffee beans to Europe, North Africa and Asia. Most of the Coffee imported to Europe transits through Mexico City and is either delivered directly to our roaster clients or onto the futures market. We were the first American coffee trading company to have a representative office in Vietnam, Brazil, and a presence in Papua New Guinea With a wide range of origins and qualities we are able to cover most of our client’s requirements that range from small sized roasters to multinationals. We maintain warehouses for the effective management of our stocks.


GARCIA COMMODITY Limited is a leading supplier of premium quality brazilian sugar. We supply granulated refined crystal white sugar Icumsa type 45/100/150 and granulated brown sugar (VHP) all in strong 50 kg pp bags.With an international sales team, having more experience in the sugar-market trade and logistics, we are able to get your requested sugar type packed and transported to the port with compatible shipping costs to your indicated final destinations fast and reliably.